3be6ef959e8962f140708866f170d961--retro-print-kind-ofAround the 13.1 mile mark of a marathon, many thoughts begin to swirl through a runner’s head. “What the hell am I really doing,” or “I should’ve broken in these sneakers more,” or “I should just stop now,” and “Do I get credit for doing half?”

These are the same thoughts that can go through the average investor’s mind. Once you’ve decided to make investing a part of your life — after you have opened up, funded an account, and bought stocks — you may be thinking “NOW WHAT?”


Investing in stocks at times can be akin to watching paint dry. If you sit down and stare at the wall, you’ll be waiting a long time. If you find something else to do while that wall dries, you’ll find that the drying occurs a lot faster. Stock investing is the same. 101614691-72769055.530x298 Once you’ve found the right equities to put your cash to work, you don’t need to look at them every day, or even every week. Simply set and forget. The key to being able to do this is choosing the right equities. This can be the difference between investing, and chasing (more affectionately known as trading).

In summary, somewhere at the mid-point of your investing journey, you may reach a point where you ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” or “Is there anything else that I should be doing?” When you start to have doubts, just open up a stock chart of the past and continue to invest in your future.